Types of Tents for Your Outdoor Party Rental

Outdoor events are always spectacular when you rent a tent. With a tent, your guests have a great gathering spot, they avoid various weather elements, and the aesthetic appeal is magnificent. There are a variety of occasions when renting a tent is ideal, including birthdays, weddings and wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and many others. You’ll find many types of special event tents kinnelon nj available for rental. This includes:

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·    Canopy Tents: Canopy style tents are perfect when you need a spot for guests to take a break from the sun or come in when a rain shower threatens the event. It also works amazingly as a place to keep food and to enjoy a meal. Many styles and sizes of canopy tents work wonderfully for events of all sizes.

·    Clear Tent: A clear tent is used specifically to protect guest from rain and other weather elements, pests, animals, etc. The tents are basic, some include sidewalls, however.

·    Clear Span Tents: A clear span tent is one that is customizable to your exact specifications. It’s easy to get a tent that matches your party and add other fun accessories to make it more exciting, like a stage, a game room, etc.

·    Pole Tents: Pole tents are similar to clear span tents since they’re completely customizable. However, they have poles unlike a clear span tent.

·    Sailcloth Tent: Anther tent option is the sailcloth tent. This tent is not made from fabric like most tents, but instead uses sailcloth that is lightweight and allows the natural sunshine to come inside!

The tent styles listed above are a few of the many available to rent for your party event. The best style depends upon factors such as the number of guests and type of event that you’re throwing. Rest assured that there is a tent style perfect to accommodate your needs.